My Husband Expands on His New Fetish


His fetish grew with time. He bought me a toy to play with as part of our routine. It was a little purple thing that we call Barney. It was very smooth and vibrated when the knob on the back was turned.

One night, instead of using his thumb, he picked up Barney and slid it into my ass. It slid in very easily after he licked it and got it all wet. Once it was in, he turned the knob. My orgasm was almost immediate once I felt the vibrations in my butt, and his thick penis stretching my tight vagina. Continue Reading →


Fantasy Friday – June 17 2016

Fantasy Friday

The first spank, when it comes, is a shock and I nearly lose my balance, recovering only at the last moment. I am prepared for the next, tightening my core to remain rigid and in place. I lose count of how many I receive, registering only the spreading warmth on my buttocks and the growing wetness between my legs.

“I’m so darn helpless in the arms of this powerful, young, ripped personification of New York’s Bravest that I feel myself about to erupt in the most earth shattering explosion since Mount Vesuvius last announced her presence.”
“I wonder if he could be enticed to show us a few maneuvers on the brass pole.” Continue Reading →


Weekend in the City

Weekend in the City

Once we got to the room, I stepped into the shower. I was hard and throbbing. I lathered it up and stroked it a few times to ensure I was very clean for my woman. Angie joined me in the oversized shower. Seeing the water stream down her naked body always excites me. The droplets hitting her nipples, a rivulet of water streaming towards her cleanly shaven womanhood made me want to taste her. Continue Reading →


My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her

spank me

She told me to put my left hand on her throat, I did, but of course did not squeeze. Just as I told her I was about to climax, she told me to spank her ass. I hesitated, and she commanded me to slap it hard. I did as instructed. I immediately started over the edge as her cheek was turning pink to red with her spankings and she was moaning like I had never heard before. I came with force. Continue Reading →


POLL: Did you have “THE TALK” with your Fiance?

three topics

Communication is the key to a great marriage. Open Talk should begin before looking into the eyes of your soon-to-be spouse and saying, “I DO”. Click to take our “Communication” Poll. Continue Reading →


Prince Charming and Princess Perfect? You Decide

Prince Charming

I’ve learned that we need to keep moving forward together, hand in hand, giving, loving, and most of all, forgiving. I love my Prince Charming! He loves me. Continue Reading →


The Art of Mutual Masturbation – The Art of Intimacy

Mutual Masturbation

The Art of Mutual Masturbation Re-blogged from Vicky Straus MAY 25, 2015 There is something deliciously erotic and forbidden about watching your partner indulge in self-pleasuring. Couples who engage in this most private of sex acts while together will not only satisfy any voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies they may have, they can build greater intimacy and trust between them as well. When we indulge in self-pleasuring, we let go of our sexual inhibitions and simply focus on achieving erotic bliss. By allowing our partner to openly witness our sensual self-touch, we give them the perfect opportunity to learn precisely where to touch, how to touch and what kinds of touch feel most sexually satisfying to us – all without having to say Continue Reading →


10 Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You Want Sex


Reblogged from MiddleSexy How do you show your man that you’re in the mood for a little sex action? You don’t always want to come right out and say, “Hey, do you want to do it?”  (Though I have been known to say that.) That just seems kind of crass and, well, frat boyish. But men can be a little dense from time to time. And sometimes they need a little nudge. Especially if they’re sitting there, in front of the TV, watching a full afternoon of football, golf or even the World Series of Poker. Subtlety is a lost art. But one that I think is appreciated. So the next time you want a little action from your partner, Continue Reading →