What’s the FAVORITE thing your Wife does when Going Down on You?


Women are sweet, right? They can be sexually timid. When it comes to sex, men and women alike are insecure to some degree. Our insecurities sometimes keep us from fully enjoying all the orgasmic pleasures that God intended for us to have. Why? Because we’re afraid to speak up and let our spouse know exactly what we want. Continue Reading →


My Husband Expands on His New Fetish


His fetish grew with time. He bought me a toy to play with as part of our routine. It was a little purple thing that we call Barney. It was very smooth and vibrated when the knob on the back was turned.

One night, instead of using his thumb, he picked up Barney and slid it into my ass. It slid in very easily after he licked it and got it all wet. Once it was in, he turned the knob. My orgasm was almost immediate once I felt the vibrations in my butt, and his thick penis stretching my tight vagina. Continue Reading →


Weekend in the City

Weekend in the City

Once we got to the room, I stepped into the shower. I was hard and throbbing. I lathered it up and stroked it a few times to ensure I was very clean for my woman. Angie joined me in the oversized shower. Seeing the water stream down her naked body always excites me. The droplets hitting her nipples, a rivulet of water streaming towards her cleanly shaven womanhood made me want to taste her. Continue Reading →


My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her

spank me

She told me to put my left hand on her throat, I did, but of course did not squeeze. Just as I told her I was about to climax, she told me to spank her ass. I hesitated, and she commanded me to slap it hard. I did as instructed. I immediately started over the edge as her cheek was turning pink to red with her spankings and she was moaning like I had never heard before. I came with force. Continue Reading →


Married Heat Facebook Page – Like or Unlike?


Heather hasn’t always loved the choices I’ve made with the pictures. She’s nixed a few of them. I never go against her wishes. Neither of us have any intention of creating a porno hub. We want to be in good taste, but at the same time, we want to push the comfort boundaries. In doing so, we hope to assist ourselves, and other couples, in a more loving, passionate relationship.

Ladies, before you hit that “Unlike” button, let me point this out. Our goal is to help married COUPLES! Couples include your husbands. If you see a picture that you believe is over the top, instead of clicking to “Unlike”, think about the quote associated with the picture, and consider SHARING it with your hubby instead. I believe you’ll thank me later. Continue Reading →


50 Words You MUST Know To Blow His Mind In The Bedroom

Dirty talk is the quickest way to take sexy time from hot to SUPER hot. But sometimes, the right word is just out of reach. Then you’re just bumbling and rambling awkwardly instead of kicking things up a notch.

Some people can wing it, but not everyone is naughty by nature when it comes to talking dirty. Here are 50 words to keep at the tip of your tongue so you never have that problem again: Continue Reading →


Sleeping Naked: 5 Amazing Reasons It’s Good For Your Health

Sleep Naked

When it comes to our bed and being naked, most of us will only slip out of our pajamas and into our birthday suit when we’re turning up the heat in the bedroom. After a bit of getting down under the sheets, followed by canoodling, we grab the closest clothes and cover up, but experts say this is a bad habit.

Although several scientific studies stress our sleepwear can negatively affect our quality of sleep, and overall health, only 10 percent of Americans make it a habit to sleep nude. Sleeping naked provides several health benefits for our body, ranging from an improved hormonal balance and mood to better sex. Continue Reading →


Prince Charming and Princess Perfect? You Decide

Prince Charming

I’ve learned that we need to keep moving forward together, hand in hand, giving, loving, and most of all, forgiving. I love my Prince Charming! He loves me. Continue Reading →


The Secret Of A Happy Marriage? Sleep Naked According to Research…

sleep naked

So, there you have it. You have no excuse for wearing clothes in bed any longer. The best way to keep a marriage happy is to sleep naked, a study suggests. Continue Reading →


Lingerie Poll Results Show Marital Disconnect


Lingerie Poll Results show Marital Disconnect We added a new poll a few weeks ago asking both men and women about the effects of lingerie on their marriage. While the poll hasn’t been up long enough to call it good, there are some interesting results to date. I find it interesting how the men’s and women’s answers on the question of how their wives wearing lingerie would affect their intimacy are so far off. Here’s how the two polls stack up. The men’s result are on the left, women’s on the right.                           – (1010 views) Our Score Rate the HEAT[Total: 9 Average: 3.1]You must sign in to vote