Her First Step – Deep Throat Surprise

Deep Throat

It had been late following dinner and we had been sitting on a love seat in full view of the apartment’s sliding glass doors that faced the complex courtyard. I had slowly removed all of her clothing one item at a time except for her lace bikini panties which offered minimal resistance to my exploring fingers. Eventually, I removed her panties. Joy eagerly accepted my penetrating fingers and slowly humped her impaled pelvis against me. She never attempted to hide her exploding sexual desire.

Then, suddenly, she reached between her open thighs and slowly pulled my fingers from her tight, wetness before kneeling between my legs. Although she had already been stroking mme, she still gently kissed and licked my shaft before going further. Continue Reading →


Surprising her with a Moroccan Fantasy


I rubbed my cheeks against the inside of her thighs, inhaled the intoxicating scent of her womanhood, kissed the soft hair of her mound, then my tongue parted through to find her pleasure nub. My first probe elicited a gasp of pleasure from my love. She took my head in her hands and guided my caresses. At first, she raised her head occasionally to watch how I caressed her clit and nibbled her labia, but then she laid back and focused on her pleasure.

I enjoyed how her body quivered and responded to the massaging of my tongue. I tried to match her breathing, her movements, to become one with her. My only desire was to bring her pleasure. I was not disappointed because she let out a soft moan and began to quiver. Her moaning became louder and more out of control as she pushed my face hard into her precious place, screamed in pleasure, then pushed my head away and collapsed onto the bed. Continue Reading →


Strong Love After All These Years


We are one in the flesh because we are only for each other. Our desires are always turned inward. The special place we carve out of life to make love is shared by no one else, which makes it a safe place for us to explore our fantasies and pleasure.

I hear the voices that proclaim that monogamy is not natural, that it leads to sexual stagnation and boredom. I pity those who search for fulfillment by bouncing from partner to partner. Continue Reading →


Wives, could Porn be the Answer to your Man’s Intimacy Issues?


I will never defend porn as an answer to marital or intimate difficulties as I know the destructive effects it brings to marriage. However, the one thing that is never or rarely addressed is one of the reasons men turn to porn. Perhaps knowing the workings of the male mind could help wives better understand what men crave.

Porn gives men the hope that their wife can have ONE trait of the women in the videos; SEXUAL DESIRE for her man. Aside from all the sex, perfect bodies, multiple orgasms, and beautiful women, the underlying magnetism of porn is it feeds a man’s need to be sexually desired, even in a proxy role. Continue Reading →


[L] Unplanned Day off

Her subconscious feels him leaning over her, staring at her and this wakes her up. Her husband, he is staring at her with a smile. She knows what he wants and she wants it to. He reaches under the covers and smiles that she is naked, he slides his hand down to her pussy and feels that she is already engorged and wet.

She reaches up and begins to undress him. She thinks to herself that he will just have to be late for work because now her mind is racing with thoughts of lust and passion. Continue Reading →


Fireworks of our Own – Whipped Cream on Top

But then I was reminded of the lovely fireworks he had treated me to that morning. And later that afternoon. Especially when he walked into our room with … and his tongue, and my tongue, got a good work out … Continue Reading →


No More Vanilla – Adding Spices and Kink


I felt him part my legs and tie them to the bedposts. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. I soon felt his hot breath on my sex. He started licking and caressing the inside of my thighs. Ohhh, it felt so good. I could feel myself building once again. I wasn’t sure how much of this I could take. Continue Reading →


What a Surprise! Blindfolded, Tickled, Spanked!


I thought to myself, “I want that paddle”! I was beginning to think he wasn’t going to use it tonight. I was just enjoying the sensation of the flogger, when I heard him turn on the vibrator and he was slowly putting it into me! Slowly teasing me, in and out!

I was pumping my hips to meet his thrusts, really getting into this new sensation, when all of a sudden, WHACK! He hit me! I cried out and jumped, not expecting that at all! He started giggling and then laughing! I couldn’t help but start laughing myself. Continue Reading →


Strawberry Dessert


He lifts one in his forefingers and brings it deftly between my thighs. Teasing me, he works it up to my lips which moisten almost instantly, as I moan and arch back further against him. Continue Reading →


Laughter with your Spouse will Keep you Together

Poking Fun

The fun we have has translated well into our bedroom. Making love to Heather has always been an adventure for me. My desire to see her smile and laugh doesn’t end when we’re naked. I love seeing and hearing her laugh when my manhood is buried inside her. We’ve had some good belly laughs while making love. Continue Reading →