Fantasy Friday – The AC Repairman


Mike came out and told me that everything looked good and that he’d be leaving. I thanked him and teasingly asked if he meant the AC unit or me. He said both looked great and that it was his “pleasure”. I never seem to get good sunscreen coverage on my back when I am alone, so I asked Mike if he would be willing to help me out with one other thing before he left and he agreed to apply some on me.

I laid back down and soon felt his slippery hands rubbing the lotion onto my back. He was going slow and applied a perfect amount of pressure. It felt more like a massage than anything else. He applied more to his hands and got my shoulders, then he swept them down my back and outward to get the sides. He brought them together at my lower back and lingered there for a bit, as he traced my butterfly tattoo. He stated that he never expected that I’d had a tattoo, and mentioned that his wife, Tina, would never get one. Continue Reading →


Surprising her with a Moroccan Fantasy


I rubbed my cheeks against the inside of her thighs, inhaled the intoxicating scent of her womanhood, kissed the soft hair of her mound, then my tongue parted through to find her pleasure nub. My first probe elicited a gasp of pleasure from my love. She took my head in her hands and guided my caresses. At first, she raised her head occasionally to watch how I caressed her clit and nibbled her labia, but then she laid back and focused on her pleasure.

I enjoyed how her body quivered and responded to the massaging of my tongue. I tried to match her breathing, her movements, to become one with her. My only desire was to bring her pleasure. I was not disappointed because she let out a soft moan and began to quiver. Her moaning became louder and more out of control as she pushed my face hard into her precious place, screamed in pleasure, then pushed my head away and collapsed onto the bed. Continue Reading →


10th Anniversary Surprise

10th Anniversary Surprise

She was getting hotter than I had ever seen her before and moaning with a light tone I had never heard before. She was so wet she was dripping all over my rock hard manhood. She finally pulled away and said, “I want to cum in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue inside me.”

She moved up straddling me putting her silky smooth pussy right at my awaiting mouth. I took one big lick from her sweet hole all the way to her swollen clit. She moaned with more intensity than ever. The heat, the taste, the texture of her perfectly shaved pussy was amazing and I couldn’t get enough.

She immediately took control and started rocking her hips thrusting her pussy into my mouth, grinding her sweet spot along my tongue. She moaned slowly and deep with such intensity I could feel her climax approaching. She was getting wetter and wetter and her grinding halted with her clit in my mouth as she said, “Suck it hard.” Continue Reading →


Exhibitionism and Sex Outdoors – Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach

It is not long before I am on the edge of cumming. You pull me to the ground and mount my cock riding me, I love to watch your tits bounce up and down as you move back and forth, your pussy wet, engulfing me. You groan and cry out as the orgasm overwhelms you, my cum fills your pussy and as you lift off it drips from your red bush. Continue Reading →


Weekend in the Mountains – Sex in a Public Campground

Five kids. Five wonderful kids. Five wonderful, monstrous kids. We’ve been very blessed to have five healthy kids. Four girls and a boy. Every blessing has its dark cloud. Not that our kids are dark clouds. They’re great kids. But they’re a handful. Especially when they were all young. Heather, a lovely stay at home mom, was frazzled most of the time. I was the lucky one who was allowed a life outside the house. We’re an outdoors family. Heather and I grew up with parents who knew the outdoors. Heather’s parents spent the summer months traveling about and seeing this great country as well as taking weekend camping trips in the mountains. My parents didn’t leave home much but Continue Reading →


[L] Road Trip Heaven

Road Trip Heaven

Heather and I have always enjoyed the alone time of a good road trip. When our kids were young, we would leave to visit the grandparents late at night so we’d have time to ourselves as the kids slept. Now, we usually make those trips alone. The kids are living their own lives and so are we. We decided to take a trip to Southern Utah to visit my father. A four hour plus drive and only ourselves to keep us company. In preparation for our little road trip, Heather posted a picture on our private Facebook page of a couple holding hands in a car. The perspective of the camera comes from the middle back seat. She left this Continue Reading →


[L] Welcome to Satisfaction, Nevada. Population: 2

I watch as you slowly remove your blouse, pants, panties, and finally, your bra. You lay down, get comfortable, then spread your legs and place the “Bullet” on your clit. Your face is showing nary a sign of arousal. You don’t really like this idea but, darn it, you agreed. “What was I thinking?!” you mutter to yourself. You begin to move the vibrator around your love button. Suddenly, your face changes as you hit the right spot. To your surprise, you begin to enjoy this. You find the spot again and push harder, grinding your clit between the vibrator and your pelvic bone. “OHHHH! REALLY? WOW!” you gasp, having never felt these sensations before. This is your first time Continue Reading →