My Husband Expands on His New Fetish


His fetish grew with time. He bought me a toy to play with as part of our routine. It was a little purple thing that we call Barney. It was very smooth and vibrated when the knob on the back was turned.

One night, instead of using his thumb, he picked up Barney and slid it into my ass. It slid in very easily after he licked it and got it all wet. Once it was in, he turned the knob. My orgasm was almost immediate once I felt the vibrations in my butt, and his thick penis stretching my tight vagina. Continue Reading →


He Put His Thumb on It


He wraps his fingers around my hair and pulls me back onto his hardness. He seems to especially like to press his other thumb, against my butthole as he rides me like a young whore. One thing he started to do is slide his thumb into my sweet pussy right next to his dick and really stretches me.

I started reading about kinky sex and read about anal play. I was totally curious and asked him to read up on the different things and he jumped in with both feet. Continue Reading →


My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her

spank me

She told me to put my left hand on her throat, I did, but of course did not squeeze. Just as I told her I was about to climax, she told me to spank her ass. I hesitated, and she commanded me to slap it hard. I did as instructed. I immediately started over the edge as her cheek was turning pink to red with her spankings and she was moaning like I had never heard before. I came with force. Continue Reading →


Fireworks of our Own – Whipped Cream on Top

But then I was reminded of the lovely fireworks he had treated me to that morning. And later that afternoon. Especially when he walked into our room with … and his tongue, and my tongue, got a good work out … Continue Reading →


Monogamy: The Game


Now it’s my turn to get you on your back. I push your breasts together and you oblige as I push my cock between them, tunneling my way to the top and down again. You grab a cheeky lick as I get to the top – Oy … I might cum all over you and there are plenty of cards left yet! I am really hoping one involving a vibrator comes up soon otherwise I’m going to cum all over her before it makes it out of the box. Continue Reading →


No More Vanilla – Adding Spices and Kink


I felt him part my legs and tie them to the bedposts. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. I soon felt his hot breath on my sex. He started licking and caressing the inside of my thighs. Ohhh, it felt so good. I could feel myself building once again. I wasn’t sure how much of this I could take. Continue Reading →


What a Surprise! Blindfolded, Tickled, Spanked!


I thought to myself, “I want that paddle”! I was beginning to think he wasn’t going to use it tonight. I was just enjoying the sensation of the flogger, when I heard him turn on the vibrator and he was slowly putting it into me! Slowly teasing me, in and out!

I was pumping my hips to meet his thrusts, really getting into this new sensation, when all of a sudden, WHACK! He hit me! I cried out and jumped, not expecting that at all! He started giggling and then laughing! I couldn’t help but start laughing myself. Continue Reading →


Strawberry Dessert


He lifts one in his forefingers and brings it deftly between my thighs. Teasing me, he works it up to my lips which moisten almost instantly, as I moan and arch back further against him. Continue Reading →


Laughter with your Spouse will Keep you Together

Poking Fun

The fun we have has translated well into our bedroom. Making love to Heather has always been an adventure for me. My desire to see her smile and laugh doesn’t end when we’re naked. I love seeing and hearing her laugh when my manhood is buried inside her. We’ve had some good belly laughs while making love. Continue Reading →


[L] Someone Was Horny After His Trip – So Was I

Shower Sex

I felt myself mounting to an orgasm. I could feel the pressure building and I knew I was going to squirt. As soon as he heard my moaning start to get more high pitched, he realized what was going to happen. He kept the same insanely slow rhythm and I could feel every detail of his hard cock. Being turned on by me about to squirt, he breathed more heavily and grunted as I got closer. I felt myself surge through the plateau and felt [my hot cum] run down my leg (by this time the shower was only luke warm). Continue Reading →