When I was younger, sex was a something that entailed a half hour of intensity. However, now it can sometimes be an experience that is spread out over a day or more. For example, yesterday it looked like we were headed for a nice lovemaking session. It started with a lot of slow kissing and progressed to an extended session of foreplay that involved taking turns slowly passing our hands over each other’s bodies without any kind of attempt at getting each other turned on. We got each other so relaxed that we decided to put off sex play until the morning. She suggested it, and I was feeling the same way. I can’t imagine that happening in a non-committed relationship.

convulsionsSleep came easy, but a few hours later Lisa kissed me awake, pulled down my boxers and started going down on me. What a nice surprise. I was still groggy and realized after a few minutes of excellent loving that I wasn’t going to get there tonight. I pulled her into my arms and we fell asleep again.

All that stimulation last night made me an extremely horny man today. All day my thoughts were on my wife, my desire for her, and the ache I felt that only she could remedy. We finally ended up cross-legged on the bed at night. In spite of my need for her, there was no rush. We interspersed kisses and caresses with expressions of love: “You always appreciate what I do for you. I only want you. You make my life so good. I love your body.”

Lisa’s first husband was the kind who felt that the man is in charge of sex and the woman is along for the ride. They never talked about their wants or needs so it took quite a bit of time before she felt comfortable telling me what she was in the mood for. Now she tells me what a great lover I am, and all I can say is that she taught me how to love her by communicating her needs with me.

convulsionsTonight she moved things forward by explaining to me exactly what she wanted before we even started. I reciprocated by telling her what I wanted to do and we got down to business. She guided me to her pussy and gave me detailed instructions about how to touch her, where it felt good, and how to place my hands on her. Generally, she doesn’t make much noise until she’s ready to burst out an orgasm, but tonight she was very vocal. I thoroughly enjoyed following her directions and hearing the immediate moans of pleasure that carrying them out would evoke from her.

One thing she wanted me to do was penetrate her after she came. However, I was having problems getting an erection in spite of my “friends.” When we realized I wasn’t going to be able to get inside of her, we lay together on the bed and she slowly caressed my cock.

convulsionsWe had the windows open and enjoyed watching a rainstorm move away, the lightning striking beyond the horizon. Finally, she positioned herself between my legs and took me into her mouth. The anticipation and heightened desires of the past 24 hours took me to the brink in just a few minutes. All of my sexual energy began to well up on the underside of my cock and when she hit that sweet spot with her tongue I begged her not to stop. She knew what to do and focused her attention on my spot.

“I want to cum in your mouth,” I said.

All of the pent up tension burst forth from me as started to cum. I could feel my cock pulsate as I emptied my love into my lover. She sucked it all out and continued to pass her tongue over my sweet spot. With every flick of her tongue, my body would shake and twitch. The pleasure bordered on pain. Even after I had emptied into her and she let me loose I kept convulsing uncontrollably. I could tell by the look on her face that she enjoyed knowing that she was the cause of my convulsing ecstasy.


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