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We opened the floodgates a few months ago asking for “Fantasy Friday” submissions. Fantasies are healthy and when played out with our spouse, fun, exciting, sexy, and AMAZING!

When creating the rules about the type of submissions we would accept, we banned several categories, most of which dealt with abuse or illegal acts. We included group sex.

Fantasy GroupWe’ve had a few Fantasy submissions, as well as a few comments which have been published. We have also received submissions dealing with Group Sex as well as several private messages asking for permission to post Group Sex Fantasy stories.

We’re re-evaluating our policy and would love your help. Please answer the following poll questions and give your opinion on Group Sex Fantasy stories. If the proof is in the pudding, we’ll consider a policy change. After all, a fantasy is a fantasy, right?

Do you believe sexual fantasies are healthy in a marriage?
Do you believe sexual fantasies involving others are healthy in a marriage?
Do you have a fantasy or fantasies about group sex?
Would you write or read group sex fantasy stories involving married couples?
Are you
If you fantasize about Group Sex, what's your preference

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About Nick

My name is Nick. My wife is Heather. We have been married since 1984. It's not always been a strong marriage. We've had many ups and many downs. Through it all, we've remained faithful to our marriage although there have been some close encounters. We recently had some experiences that created an awakening, both spiritual and sexual. A big part of our awakening was finding a webpage filled with sexual stories from other Christians. While sexual and explicit, the stories were written by real people and their personal experiences. The stories also glorified God's gift to married couples in the bedroom. We found that we weren't alone in our triumphs or our struggles. This inspired us to create this site to help other Christian couples the way we were helped; through advice and sexy, real, hot stories of passionate monogamy and Godly sexual relationships. We hope you enjoy and become closer as couples.

20 Replies to “Fantasy Poll: Group Sex”

  1. The comments on the poll don’t show up in the results so I will post them as they come.

    I have always thought group sex was a sin. I have always thought that thinking about sex with someone other than my wife or with a group was a sin. I’m not sure of the difference between thinking about sex and fantasizing about sex? Since reading your posts the last year, I have come to realize some value in fantasy with my wife. I do get aroused by fantasy, and with fantasy with others, however, I am not sure if it i right. I know my wife would not read about sex outside of our marriage, or about group sex. I have seen some change in my thinking this last year. I know I could get aroused by fantasizing about sex with others or group sex, I just do not know at this point if it is right or wrong.
    Nick recently posted…Fantasy Poll: Group SexMy Profile

  2. This website is for encouraging married couples to spice things up right? I would keep it for that. Otherwise it leads people who are married to entertain thoughts of infidelity and relationships outside of their covenant. I don’t think you should stoop that low.
    Nick recently posted…Fantasy Poll: Group SexMy Profile

    • My thoughts exactly, thoughts of group sex? Seriously? To promote a Godly marriage?
      NO WAY. I am out of here.

    • This site DOES NOT promote group sex. This site promotes healthy fantasies between husband and wife which may include group sex IF both parties agree without coercion.

      I have fantasies about watching Heather with another man as well as sharing her with another man. I also have fantasies of sharing our bed with another woman or other couples.

      Heather knows these fantasies and she plays into them. Neither of us would EVER go outside our marriage nor invite others into our marriage.

  3. We as in husband and wife go there with our fantasies sometimes but I would caution you on going there with this site. That might be opening the door to making it real. I think its best to keep that fantasy between the husband and wife.
    Nick recently posted…Fantasy Poll: Group SexMy Profile

    • Fantasy isn’t just fantasy according to scripture. If Jesus said that you have already sinned if you think about having sex with someone you’re not married to, would that not also include fantasy?

    • If you believe the translation as you read it with today’s context of lust, then, yes.

      However, the word translated to lust had a different context when originally written. The context of lust as written originally was more akin to what we call coveting. In other words, if men were held to the simple definition of Lust in today’s world, we’d all be committing adultery. What man among us doesn’t look upon a fair maiden had have some form of carnal thoughts?

      King David is a great example. When he saw Bathsheba on her rooftop bathing, he committed simple lust in his mind. Something other men would also do. David, however, took his desires and fantasies to a different level. He desired her to be his. He plotted to make her his. He sent her husband to the front lines of battle to be killed so he could have her. That’s the kind of lust that destroys men and/or women.

      If I see a sexy woman and I become aroused, that’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s how God created men. I’m married so if I become aroused, I can use my arousal to enjoy some nookie with my wife.

      Also, studies indicate that men, within 5 to 10 seconds after seeing a woman who physically arouses him, forget most of her features. What color her hair is. What style she was wearing. He will remain aroused but he can’t remember much. Men also become aroused by women with the same features of their wives, even as we age.

      So if you have simple fantasies, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy a roll on the hay with your wife. Just don’t tell her what got your motor running. That’s a different problem altogether.

    • We try but we don’t always have time.

      The results of the poll are still being tabulated. A decision will be made when we have enough data. Thanks for following and supporting our site.

  4. While I find the idea of group sex as arousing as the next guy, scripture makes it clear that a) marriage is between one man and one woman b) we are to take our thoughts captive; meaning although I may think the idea of having a threesome sounds great, I realize that it isn’t biblical. So, I submit my lustful desires to what God says is right. c) We should feed our spirit and starve our fleshly desires.

    I’m not condemning… I’m just encouraging us all to listen to the Spirit. Trust me, I know how intoxicating lustful desires can be. It isn’t easy… Lies are powerful. But truth is truth. Fantasizing about sex with anyone other than your spouse is sin (Matthew 5:28).

    • In my opinion what works for one couple may not work for another. My wife and I fantasize about many different scenarios we would never play out in real life. We don’t think about specific people – just scenarios and role play them- it makes for very very passionate sex. Of course if Someone feels dirty about or it affects there convictions then they should find something else that works for them.

      What a wife and a husband do together and share intimately is a gift from God- in my opinion. Praying about a specific scenario is always a good idea.

      In reality the majority of people fantasize about group sex or other naughty scenarios. Embracing that together as long as it’s not affecting your heart has brought my wife and I closer together. We’re better friends, I communicate with her so much better – sh knows the real me and my inner deepest fantasies. Works for us.

    • This isn’t about including anyone outside your marriage in your bedroom. It’s about fantasy. We haven’t found anything in the Bible forbidding fantasy.

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