My Husband Expands on His New Fetish

My Husband Expands on His New Fetish

About a year ago, my husband Jimmy, discovered that he had a fetish. That’s when he discovered that he liked to play with my butthole during sex. It started off with him pressing his thumb against it while he took me from behind.

fetishOver the weeks and months, he got more bold and before too long he would slide his thumb into my ass as he fucked me hard. It was an amazing feeling to be penetrated in both of my holes at once. I fantasized that I was with two men at once. It was exciting because it is SO taboo. (as a Christian, I would never do that, I would never be with another man, other than my awesome husband)

As I stated, his fetish grew with time. He bought me a toy to play with as part of our routine. It was a little purple thing that we call Barney. It was very smooth and vibrated when the knob on the back was turned.

One night, instead of using his thumb, he picked up Barney and slid it into my ass. It slid in very easily after he licked it and got it all wet. Once it was in, he turned the knob. My orgasm was almost immediate once I felt the vibrations in my butt, and his thick penis stretching my tight vagina.

After about a month with Barney, getting some anal sex training, he brought home a dildo that was about the same size as his cock. I was very nervous when he explained that he wanted to see that go in and out my butt.

It took a couple of weeks before I was able to take it in. He’d try to loosen me up with Barney then try to slide it in, but I had the hardest time accepting it. Then one night I had already had three orgasm and was fired up for more, and fetishI was extremely wet. He used some of my own juices and slid that dildo right into my butt. Before I knew what was happening it was balls deep inside me.

After a couple minutes of him thrusting it back and forth, he slid it all the way in, then grabbed my hips and slid his penis into my waiting pussy. I was stretched as wide as my 115 pound body could be. I am certain his cock was the most engorged it had ever been. I was in sexual bliss. As I moaned and rocked back and forth on those two cocks, he told me to open my mouth. Once I did he slid Barney into it. All three of my sex holes were filled. Very quickly, as I imagined many dirty things, I came harder and longer than I thought possible.

As I moaned and rocked back and forth on those two cocks, he told me to open my mouth. Once I did he slid Barney into it. All three of my sex holes were filled. Very quickly, as I imagined many dirty things, I came harder and longer than I thought possible.

Two weeks later, our pastor asked us to share at church, about what we do to keep our marriage fresh and exciting. We left specifics out of the story, but we did encourage all the marrieds to try new things and to not get stale in the marriage bed.fetish



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8 Replies to “My Husband Expands on His New Fetish”


    Keep up your exciting love making.

    • Thank you Marco. My husband started pretty slow. He would lick it when he performed oral sex on me, I would get really turned on and he started to push his tongue in a little. Once my bum was very wet between his saliva and my own juices, he started to slide a finger in while we were having sex. it still took a little while, but now I crave it. It is a regular part of our sex life.

    • I’ve been doing more and more anal play with Heather. I think she tolerates it more than enjoys it because it makes me hard as a rock while we’re making love.

  2. My wife shares herself with other men for both of our enjoyment and continues to empower our marriage. I have no desire for other women, my wife’s enjoyment and sexual adventures are what excite me. And yes we are both Christians.

  3. Nick, Keep playing and trust me, she will grow to love it. I tolerated his fetish at first because as you said, he got extremely hard when I let him play in my butt. Over time, when he learned to put the man sized toy in my pussy at the same time, it fulfilled both of our fantasy of me with two cocks in me at once. I have moved on to wanting to feel three in me, I do have three available openings after all. 🙂 These days, toys are amazing things.

  4. LOL, double entendre, Yes keep plugging her and maybe try getting a “plug” for her. You’re so naughty. I love it. my husband is naughty too. Sometimes he needs a spanking.

    • Mmmm, spankin’.

      Well, yesterday, after some fun in a 69, I played with Heather’s butt. As always, rock hard. She asked me what I think about when playing there. I told her I think about taking her in the butt. She said, “I’d be open to that.” And she’s serious.

      I then told her to look up the what fors and what nots to be sure she really wants to and how to be ready for it. I let her know I won’t try anything until she tells me it’s time. She thanked me for not pressuring her.

      Thanks for your advice. Very helpful.
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