Ladies Poll: Oral Sex

Based as a percentage of your lovemaking …

How often do you perform Oral Sex on your Husband?
How often do you bring your Husband to Climax through Oral?
Do you Swallow?
If you don't Swallow, why not? (choose all that apply or NONE if you do)
Does your Husband perform Oral Sex for you?
If yes, how often?
Is receiving Oral satisfying for you?
Comparing your answers of Giving and Receiving Oral Sex, how do you feel? (Choose all that apply)
Do you have any additional comments or thoughts about Oral Sex

After you’ve taken the poll, please take a few minutes to read a few articles/stories written by both women and men on the importance (to men) of Oral Sex.

Married Heat: My story of the best Oral Sex my wife has ever performed
Married Heat: 10 Reasons Oral Sex should be a part of your Marriage
Larry’s Musings: Spicing up Married Lovemaking: Oral Sex
Married Christian Sex: Bifecta: Television and Casual Oral Sex


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