What’s the FAVORITE thing your Hubby does when Going Down on You?

What’s the FAVORITE thing your Hubby does when Going Down on You?

Men can be thick, right? They don’t take hints. You must be direct to get what you want. When it comes to sex, men and women alike are insecure to some degree. Our insecurities sometimes keep us from fully enjoying all the orgasmic pleasures that God intended for us to have. Why? Because we’re afraid to speak up and let our spouse know exactly what we want.

Going DownHere’s your chance to tell your husband what YOU want without saying a word to him. Take the poll. This poll is unique in that we provide NONE of the answers for you. Any answers you see were submitted by other women. If your favorite isn’t in the list, submit your own and yours will be automatically added for the next wife to choose. PLEASE TRY NOT TO DUPLICATE ANSWERS.

You may select any two answers or select one and add your own. You can even add something you’d love for him to try. Your imagination is your only limitation.

If you believe Oral Sex is against God’s wishes, please leave a comment below. We’d love to open a dialog to understand why you believe the way you do.

What's the FAVORITE thing your husband does when going down on you? (Choose Three or Add your Own)

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