Sex Initiation

Who is more likely to Initiate Sex in your Marriage?
Are you

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  3. Being a slut tells you a lot about how you value commitment. If you value something, you don’t toss it aside for a bit of ‘fun’ when it becomes convenient. Like many ‘Catholics’ I know of, the cafeteria variety who profess how much their religion means to them and how much they value their relationship to God, cast it aside once it gets ‘too hard’ to uphold a value and stay within the guidelines set forth. In that case, they bend reality in order to stay within the confines of ‘valuing’ it, be it commitment or religion.

    • Yes, like the many “Catholic” girls who do NEARLY EVERYTHING short of penetration with the nonChristian guys they date. They engage in heavy mutual oral & find they enjoy swallowing.

      They know their guys’ sexual tastes & love the feelings their men give them as they make love to their “innocent” p*ssies via sucking on their clits.

      When the guy moves his mouth off her bush toward her face to kiss her passionately, she doesn’t try to stop him as he gives-into his passions & begins to slowly slide his penis into her very wet p*ssy, which soooo wants him.

      It’s a bit too late to think about her convictions or try to take a “moral” stand during that perilous moment– when the man she’s seeing is about to penetrate her & take her precious Christian innocence.
      Truth is, she doesn’t want to stop him & is in no position to block him. The feelings can be strong.

      As he makes his first entrance & is the first to break her hymen, I wonder if during those critical moments, if the Christian girl thinks of her faith, God or her convictions, especially when she feels him conquering her & filling her godly p*ssy with his godless spermy cum…

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