Fantasy Friday – The AC Repairman


Mike came out and told me that everything looked good and that he’d be leaving. I thanked him and teasingly asked if he meant the AC unit or me. He said both looked great and that it was his “pleasure”. I never seem to get good sunscreen coverage on my back when I am alone, so I asked Mike if he would be willing to help me out with one other thing before he left and he agreed to apply some on me.

I laid back down and soon felt his slippery hands rubbing the lotion onto my back. He was going slow and applied a perfect amount of pressure. It felt more like a massage than anything else. He applied more to his hands and got my shoulders, then he swept them down my back and outward to get the sides. He brought them together at my lower back and lingered there for a bit, as he traced my butterfly tattoo. He stated that he never expected that I’d had a tattoo, and mentioned that his wife, Tina, would never get one. Continue Reading →


She was Unfaithful. Now trying to Mend her Marriage


Be thankful for your husband. Let him know how thankful you are for staying with you. He could have decided otherwise and chose to stay. Let him know everyday how grateful you are to have him.

Men know how sex works for women. We know that women, generally, need to feel loved to even put the key in the ignition, let alone get the engine started. You, having an affair, I imagine, took any love he had shown you, and made a mockery of it.

Do not fall for the old, “Forgive and Forget” nonsense. Forgiveness doesn’t include forgetting. Your husband, nor you, will never forget your indiscretion. The idea is to forgive each other and move on to a better, more fulfilling place. Continue Reading →


Confessions of a “Cheating Spouse Website” User


Shake off your body issues, get naked or put on something sexy, strip your man, and FUCK HIM SILLY! Nothing says love more to a man than a good blow job.

I too have body image issues. Nick has assured me over and over that he loves my body, especially my titties. He loves playing with them, rubbing them, kissing them, licking them. Who am I to think he doesn’t appreciate what I have. He also makes the point that he wouldn’t notice most of my flaws if I weren’t constantly pointing them out to him. GOOD POINT! Continue Reading →