Morning Fun with Free Parking in the Rear


“I think you need to suck it while I eat you.”

“I like that idea,“ she said and repositioned herself to suck me. She always starts a 69 by sucking me for a while first.

As soon as I was in her mouth, I felt the urgency I’d felt while in the shower. I tried to control it but, no, I was horny and ready to rock and roll. After only about two minutes, and not giving her the tonguing I promised, I needed to be inside my lovely wife. Continue Reading →


My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her

spank me

She told me to put my left hand on her throat, I did, but of course did not squeeze. Just as I told her I was about to climax, she told me to spank her ass. I hesitated, and she commanded me to slap it hard. I did as instructed. I immediately started over the edge as her cheek was turning pink to red with her spankings and she was moaning like I had never heard before. I came with force. Continue Reading →


[L] Someone Was Horny After His Trip – So Was I

Shower Sex

I felt myself mounting to an orgasm. I could feel the pressure building and I knew I was going to squirt. As soon as he heard my moaning start to get more high pitched, he realized what was going to happen. He kept the same insanely slow rhythm and I could feel every detail of his hard cock. Being turned on by me about to squirt, he breathed more heavily and grunted as I got closer. I felt myself surge through the plateau and felt [my hot cum] run down my leg (by this time the shower was only luke warm). Continue Reading →