Is this Site Pornography?

There’s no real easy answer to this question. The answer will have to come from you. Perhaps the mission of this page can help you understand why we have put this site together and post the stories we, and other couples write.

Who We Are

We are a Christian couple. We were both raised in small towns with high moral standards. We have never abandoned those standards. Somehow, those standards of morality crossed over from pre-marital sex to post-marital sex. It seems that rules intended only for unmarried couples were still in effect after our marriage.

We married in 1984, both in our mid-20s. For nearly 30 years, our intimate and sexual misunderstandings have been hurting our relationship. For me (husband), it was being raised in a family in which the parents didn’t know how to express love. I didn’t know how to express my love for my wife with hugs and kisses. I was quite uncomfortable with affection. When I was affectionate, I became aroused.

To my wife, I was only loving when we were in the act of sex. She couldn’t understand why I could be so passionate in bed yet be so distant in our lives. I simply didn’t know how to show non-sexual affection.

For her, sex was preached as a no-no. That somehow was turned into certain sexual acts within marriage as dirty and shameful. She knew I wasn’t a virgin when we married. She also knew I had viewed porn and discovered I was viewing porn after our marriage. She struggled to believe she was as “hot” as the women I viewed in the pages of porn. She believed I compared her to the other woman I slept with before marrying her. She became an actress, faking not only orgasms but sexual feelings altogether. She faked so long, she became numb.

Through time, our sexual acts became meaningless. She often felt she wasn’t enough for me. I unknowingly and unintentionally fed into those feelings by trying to spice up our relationship with lingerie, sex toys, etc. Neither of us understood the other’s feelings. The more we tried, the more distant we became.

A Sexual Journey and Awakening

Is this site Pornography?

Married Heat

Through counseling, we began a new sexual journey. We both began to learn the other’s motives which led to better understanding of our feelings. Through honesty and trust, we went through hell as we began to unravel 29 years of bad habits and behaviors. It’s a slow process and one we haven’t fully mastered. We still find ourselves reliving old, worn-out feelings. We are getting better.

I began looking for web pages for Christian couples. I began reading stories from other Christian couples. The stories were quite arousing and hot, but more importantly, the stories glorified God’s gift of sex. I loved that the stories were based on Godly principles. The stories are real, written by real men and women, married, and faithful to each other and God. I shared the stories with Heather. We learned what we already knew deep in our hearts; our sex is natural and holy.

For me, I learned how Godly men treat their wives with affection. I learned that a true man loves his wife in the open, with passion, caring, tenderness, kisses, hugs, and, yes, lust.

For her, she learned that our sex can be spicy and hot. She can use language in our bedroom that she would NEVER use in the world. She learned that sex is the vehicle that creates the fulfillment of God’s mandate to become “one flesh”.

We began writing our own sexy stories. In writing, we don’t look to simply arouse the reader. Our intent is to help other Christian couples who have struggled or are currently struggling with their own marriage sex issues. We have learned more about our own relationship through our writings than any sex therapist could have helped us learn. We desire to be a help to other couples. We also learn from other couples.

For this to work, we had to be brutally honest at times. We’ve had to work through a lot of hurt and pain we suffered and inflicted over the first 29 years of our marriage. As we write, we learn more about how we misunderstood one another, and how we can fix our sexual issues.

Pornographic Elements

To answer the question, “Is this site Pornography?”, we have to answer honestly and say, yes, this site has a pornographic element to it. But the bigger picture for us is this; we created and manage this site to be a help to other Christian couples in the same way we have received help. In this regard, the answer to the question is no, this site is not pornography. We base our philosophy on the writings in the Bible, specifically, Song of Solomon, the original, Christian, erotic stories.

You, dear reader, have to decide for yourself, as we did. For me, I had to ask myself, and give honest answers to the following questions:

  1. Am I keeping this site secret from my spouse? If so, it’s pornography and I need to stop, repent, and ask forgiveness IMMEDIATELY!
  2. When I write, do I include information about my hangups, and how my hangups have impaired my relationship with my wife? If I begin writing my stories without the intent of being helpful to others or simply knowing I can arouse other people, I need to stop.
  3. When I read other couples’ stories, am I reading alone, or sharing the stories with my spouse? If I’m not sharing what I read with my wife, I should stop and reevaluate my purpose.

When I began, I knew immediately. To be a part of this, I needed to include my wife in all my sexual doings. And I do. My wife is the most moral lady I know. For her to agree to simply read some of the stories was a shock to me. When I asked about writing our experiences, I was more shocked when she agreed. She agreed because she realized how sharing our problems and victories can help others overcome their sexual issues as well.

Our Mission

Is this site Pornography?

Couple On Fire

Our mission in creating and moderating this page is to create a safe place for people to share the intimate details of their marriages. In doing so, our hope is that all who read can and will be edified and enriched with more passion, love, honor, and respect in their monogamous, married, sexual lives. In doing so, each couple will not only become closer to each other but closer to God.

We welcome your respectful feedback.

Please read our “Submission Guidelines” and “About” Pages. These pages may help you decide how you want to proceed. Please Register and start posting your hot, monogamous stories. We look forward to your submissions.

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  1. Your site doesn’t work correctly. There are tons of errors I receive no matter if I am using IE, Firefox, Chrome. I tried to register but there is no registration info, just blank page. You used to have on the right side, all the different categories and now there is none. How can you read anything if there is no index.

  2. Honestly, its better you consult a specialist. Good luck. Love is omnipresence, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

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