What’s the FAVORITE thing your Wife does when Going Down on You?

What’s the FAVORITE thing your Wife does when Going Down on You?

Women are sweet, right? They can be sexually timid. When it comes to sex, men and women alike are insecure to some degree. Our insecurities sometimes keep us from fully enjoying all the orgasmic pleasures that God intended for us to have. Why? Because we’re afraid to speak up and let our spouse know exactly what we want.

downHere’s your chance to tell your wife what YOU want without saying a word to her. Take the poll. This poll is unique in that we provide NONE of the answers for you. Any answers you see were submitted by other men. If your favorite isn’t in the list, submit your own and yours will be automatically added for the next husband to choose. PLEASE TRY NOT TO DUPLICATE ANSWERS.

You may select any two answers or select one and add your own. You can even add something you’d love for her to try. Your imagination is your only limitation.

PLEASE DON’T ADD “ALL OF THE ABOVE”. That’s a given and it will be deleted.

If you believe Oral Sex is against God’s wishes, please leave a comment below. We’d love to open a dialog to understand why you believe the way you do.

What's the FAVORITE thing your Wife does when going down on you? (Choose Three or Add your Own)

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My name is Nick. My wife is Heather. We have been married since 1984. It's not always been a strong marriage. We've had many ups and many downs. Through it all, we've remained faithful to our marriage although there have been some close encounters. We recently had some experiences that created an awakening, both spiritual and sexual. A big part of our awakening was finding a webpage filled with sexual stories from other Christians. While sexual and explicit, the stories were written by real people and their personal experiences. The stories also glorified God's gift to married couples in the bedroom. We found that we weren't alone in our triumphs or our struggles. This inspired us to create this site to help other Christian couples the way we were helped; through advice and sexy, real, hot stories of passionate monogamy and Godly sexual relationships. We hope you enjoy and become closer as couples.

8 Replies to “What’s the FAVORITE thing your Wife does when Going Down on You?”

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  2. My wife has always enjoyed oral. She was the first to do me. I enjoy it on her just as much. But the first time she went deep and brought me to the edge of a climax, I felt guilty and had a lot of anxiety about letting go in her mouth. So I told her I was close to coming, and I thought she’d pull off and just stroke me to orgasm as she had done many times in the past, but she shocked me by looking up at me, gave me two thumbs up and went deeper. I couldn’t help it anymore and let go, and man did it feel good, there is nothing on earth as sensual as a loving woman pleasing her man orally and taking all of him. She stayed on it for a few minutes as i softened, and then looked up at me again, winked, licked her lips and told me how turned on that made her feel. Well, it’s been years since then and she still lets me Cum in her mouth every time. I give her oral frequently and just love her juices all over my face. But that first time I have never forgotten.

  3. When she looks up at me to see how I am responding to her loving I get such a sense of being connected to this woman who cares for me who enjoys giving me pleasure.

  4. My wife (Chrissie, who is sitting right here) is the best little cock-sucker in the world, and I’m mighty proud of her. Our “thing” is for her to take my load in her mouth and then pull me down and kiss me deeply until all of the cum is gone. One of us swallows it, but it’s so freakin’ hot that I’m never sure which one.

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